Featured Services

  • We will be closed July 17- July 24 for our annual equipment maintenance and servicing. During this time we will not be accepting pets for cremation. We would suggest calling Faithful Friends at 919.874.0014 or your local Veterinarian. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    We offer two options for pet cremation: We can return ashes to the owner or we can scatter the ashes in one of our two meadows. Read more...

  • Urns

    We provide a nice wooden urn as part of our standard service. However, we carry a nice selection of upgrade urns for those owners who would like more options to choose from. We also have a waterproof urn that can be buried. Read more...

  • Pre-Planning

    We understand that making important decisions during a time of emotional stress can be difficult. For those pet owners that wish to plan ahead, we offer pre-planning services where we outline our options and pricing so the client knows in advance the services they would like to use and the cost of those services. If there is a special urn that would be used, it also ensures that the urn is on hand when the need arises.

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